At HVA Contracting, we can tackle any software engineering-related project and then some, but here are some ideas for projects we can tackle right away.


Analytics is what we do best. Our team has experience with open source tools like Graphana, enterprise-ready tools like Microsoft’s Power BI, and machine-learning-focused tools like Splunk. We can also help you get the data by using industry-standard tools such as Telegraf or Prometheus. If those tools won’t work for your application, then we also have experience building custom integrations that can retrieve data from any data source.

Cloud Services

Our team has experience with both Azure and AWS. We can assist you in migrating workloads to the cloud or building new workloads that can take advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

BAS Controls and Integrations

There are many talented software engineers out there, but very few who have hands-on experience with BAS software. Our team has experience building integrations for ALC, Alerton, Apogee, Distech, Metasys, Niagara, and Reliable Controls. One of our staff members is even a certified Niagara Developer. Whatever your BAS needs are, we can help!

Database Design and Hosting

Through building analytics programs, our team has gained a lot of hands-on knowledge of traditional, time-series, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases. Whatever your needs we can help you design and deploy the perfect database for your needs.

IoT Integrations

Our experience in HVAC integrations has exposed our team to many industry standards in the IoT space. Most open integrating with IoT devices is done through REST APIs, but we’ve also experienced XML, IFTT, RPC, and BACnet among many proprietary formats. If you need help with automation, monitoring, or any other type of integration to your IoT devices, let us know and we’ll make it happen.